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Two component molding

To make the fabrication of assemblies more economical, a wide variety of multi-component technologies have been developed in recent years, including sandwich injection molding, stack-turning mold technology, assembly injection molding, etc.

Two component Molding
Hella foglights made of 2K - disc Apec® 1603 clear / frame Apec® 1795

Multi-component technology is broken down into two basic variants.
With the first variant, a part is molded and then additional features are molded onto it. These subsequent moldings can form a permanent bond (e.g. for decoration or sealing function) or a loose bond as in in-mold-assembled valves or air vents with hinged louvers.
In the second variant, a layer of plastic is molded between other layers, usually to form a three-layer structure. The so-called core component can be charged with a blowing agent or even include glass fibers. A high-grade thermoplastic is used as the skin component – the first and third layers – to achieve a good surface.


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Two Component Molding


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