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Optical disc

The development of Optical Data Storage devices began in 1982 with the Audio CD and Covestro was at the forefront of its development with the high-tech thermoplastic Makrolon®.

DVD and Blu-ray discs made of Makrolon® OD2015
DVD and Blu-ray discs made of Makrolon® OD2015

Eleven years after the DVD was launched on the market in 1996, the next generation format Blu-ray – the latter having up to 100 gigabytes of storage space – has now been developed to market maturity. The storage capacities of Blu-ray discs also make it possible to store an entire film in what is known as High Definition (HD) resolution on one disc and thus to conjure up pin-sharp images at the highest level of quality ever to be seen on a widescreen television in the home.

Improvements in storage capacity have been made by continually reducing the size of the structures used to carry information on the formats – the so-called pits – by reducing the track pitch and the wavelengths of the laser beam, and by increasing the purity of the plastic even further.

Makrolon® polycarbonate holds an undisputed position as the material of choice for the disc formats of all the systems marketed to date.

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