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Coating for automotive glazing

Covestro has in depth know-how in the area of coating solutions for automotive glazing projects, ranging from the property profiles of various coating systems based on Makrolon® AG2677, Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend) and Bayblend® (PC+ABS; PC+ASA blend) grades to expertise concerning requirements for individual glazing elements such as panoramic roofs, fixed side windows and transparent bodywork parts.

Coating of a glazing part in the clean room
Coating of a glazing part in a clean room

Coatings are of crucial importance for the quality of glazing components. They need to fulfill a number of surface requirements such as resistance to weathering, chemicals, scratches and abrasion. Many years of series production experience and coating technology know-how have enabled us to develop a method for accelerated weathering of coated Makrolon® polycarbonte. This allows weathering resistance to be tested eight times faster than with the established external weathering in Florida/Arizona. The good correlation of this laboratory weathering method with the corresponding outdoor weathering was confirmed on sample panels and on actual series components. This method enables rapid characterization of new developments in materials and coatings in terms of their weathering stability, and their optimization if necessary.

In addition to standardized laboratory testing, such as the Taber test required for glazing (ASTM D 1044 standard), of particular interest are practical evaluation of the scratch and abrasion resistance of coated polycarbonate and screening of the most appropriate tests. Covestro can lay claim to many years of test results in this area, thus impressively demonstrating how the coatings perform under realistic conditions.

Coating pilot plant

Our in-depth knowledge covers not only the performance of all relevant coating systems on the market, but also the corresponding coating parameters. First and foremost, polysiloxane coatings are applied with corresponding primers, using techniques such as flow and immersion coating. We are constantly working on perfect adaptation of the coating parameters to the dimensions and shapes of components.

Our extensive surface analysis procedures enable us to examine the key influences of the various coating parameters and to optimize them where required. Our experts will naturally also provide you with support concerning coating issues during ongoing production, allowing potential sources of error to be analyzed and identified. In this way, we are able to put forward well-founded proposals for solving problems that arise in the coating process and to optimize this process.

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