Setting new standards

Tailor-made products for automotive glazing

High-purity materials are being developed to serve the expanding automotive glazing industry. Transparent Makrolon® polycarbonate grades possessing excellent optical properties as well as effective heat protection are an example of the ongoing research in this area.

Setting new standards – Makrolon® AG2677
Makrolon® is used for the majority of all current glazing applications. Drawing on its years of experience as a manufacturer of polycarbonate glazing materials, Covestro has made ongoing improvements to its products for this demanding application area. The result of these efforts is Makrolon® AG2677 – a polycarbonate resin tailor-made for automotive glazing.

Efficient thermal protection – IR colorants
To prevent a vehicle’s interior from overheating, Covestro has developed a new coloring technology that effectively filters out the infrared radiation from the sun. Depending on the desired color and light transmission, the energy transmission achieved using these infrared-absorbing colors can be well below 10 percent in the case of dark “privacy” colors.

Customized solutions – polycarbonate blends
In addition to the transparent, tinted Makrolon® AG2677, customized polycarbonate blends were developed as a second material component for the black border. Precise property matching of these back-injected components with the prevailing conditions in the two-component injection molding process is key to ensuring the quality of the finished parts. What’s special about this concept is that adapted shrinkage behavior enables production of even large-area, distortion-free panoramic roofs with excellent optical properties.

Requirements for the subsequent production stages are also factored into product development. In the coating stage, for example, the components need to withstand curing temperatures of up to 130 C. Specialty products, such as Makroblend® UT235 M (PC+PET blend) and Bayblend® T95 MF (PC+ABS blend) have been developed to meet these criteria.

Makrolon® AX
Makrolon® AX is the material of choice for opaque panoramic roof applications like bezels. By replacing glass with Makrolon® in these applications, parts can be produced in designs not previously possible.

Covestro developed specialty grades of Makrolon® to satisfy strict purity, color homogeneity and processing requirements. These precise production specifications ensure maximum quality and successful processing.

Since automotive exterior parts made of Makrolon® AX must be coated, this polycarbonate grade was designed to allow for the smoothest injection molding process possible to achieve the best coating results.

To maximize the life of thermally highly loaded, deep black parts, Covestro developed a cool-black technology. This technology reduces surface temperatures, therefore increasing the part life and potentially reducing coating systems costs.

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