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DirectCoating / DirectSkinning: One step process to finished parts with customized surface

DirectCoating / DirectSkinning technology makes it a snap to efficiently produce parts with customized high performance surface structure. The technology combines thermoplastic injection molding with reaction-injection molding (RIM) in a single mold, delivering a thermoplastic part with a customized high performance surface based on polyurethane materials of Covestro. Be it soft, hard or foamed, it is ultraviolet- (UV) stable, scratch- and chemical-resistant.

Decorative panels produced by DirectSkinning technology

Whether it’s an automotive interior or exterior trim part, electronic device case or another high-end product, manufacturers in diverse industrial markets and consumer markets can turn to DirectCoating / DirectSkinning technology for a cost-effective production.

Conventionally, thermoplastic parts with high performance surfaces are produced in a multistep process:

  • Injection molding of a thermoplastic part.
  • Pretreatment of surface (if necessary).
  • Application of coating or skin (using various technologies).

DirectCoating / DirectSkinning technology shortens and simplifies the traditional process by applying high performance polyurethane surfaces (soft, hard, foamed) on thermoplastics substrates directly in the mold thus providing:

  • A short process chain, simple handling
  • Rigid or flexible polyurethane coatings or skins
  • Customized textures
  • Fast color change for coatings and skins
  • UV-resistance
  • Various film thicknesses (200µm to 10mm)

DirectCoating / DirectSkinning technology is a turnkey solution. Covestro provides tailor made thermoplastics such as Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend), Bayblend® (PC+ABS; PC+ASA blend), Makrolon® polycarbonates and polyurethane materials as well as molding expertise that manufacturers can build on for their own operations.

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