Engineering, design and processing of polycarbonates

Dedication to innovation:

Advancing polycarbonate engineering, design and processing

Covestro’s commitment to innovation extends beyond development of new polycarbonate materials and technologies to also include processing. We closely collaborate with molding equipment manufacturers to develop new processes that optimize polycarbonate production.

Automotive glazing with injection molding
Production of a car roof in the technical lab

By combining exceptional materials with creative, innovative processing, Covestro helps customers maximize productivity and meet ever-evolving market demands.

As a leading supplier of polycarbonate, we understand the importance of reducing cycle time to boost productivity. For example, the lengthy cooling times required when injection molding thick parts can greatly impact cycle time. Covestro addresses manufacturers’ concern by offering a special, multilayer injection molding process that makes it possible to mold highly precise, thick parts in shorter cycle times. Our processing innovation has also enabled us to develop a film insert molding technique that allows our polycarbonate films to be efficiently utilized for large parts, such as car roofs.

We also address engineering challenges in an innovative way. For example, large car parts require very high stiffness levels to meet the vehicle’s load specifications. A plastic-metal composite technology developed by Covestro features metal strips molded into the ribs of a polycarbonate or polycarbonate-blend part. Greatly reducing the amount of steel used and leveraging polycarbonate’s superior impact resistance, Covestro’s concept significantly reduces vehicle weight. This engineering technique also provides design flexibility, since the metal reinforcement strips can be repositioned according to the desired structure of a specific part..

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