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Secure vandalism protection

Durable polycarbonate sheet makes for a safer learning environment

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Winco Window Company chose Makrolon® 15 polycarbonate sheet from Covestro for use in a secure glazing solution at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School. (Photo credit: Joe Trost)

Pittsburgh, April 26, 2017- When Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School in East St. Louis, Illinois, was vandalized two years ago, the damage included several broken glass windows. School officials were reluctant to replace the boarded-up windows with glass glazing, fearing the windows would once again be an easy target for destruction. In search of a high security window system that would protect against forced entry, Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School reached out to Winco Window Company—a supplier of architectural and heavy commercial aluminum windows.

Understanding the need for a more durable material than the glass previously used, Winco collaborated with Covestro LLC to find the ideal product for use in its Versatile™ window system. Featuring high impact resistance, Makrolon® 15 polycarbonate sheet proved to be the top choice for this secure glazing solution.

“School security has traditionally been a key application for Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets,” said Tom Niziolek, architectural segment manager, Polycarbonate Sheet, Covestro LLC. “In the case of Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School, there was a direct need to use durable Makrolon® 15 to help eliminate the future threat and cost of vandalism.”

Makrolon® 15 polycarbonate sheet features high impact resistance and is virtually unbreakable—making it a superior choice when compared to metal screens and shutters. Designed using advanced manufacturing technology, this material features high optical quality with minimal distortion in clear and standard glazing tints. All of these benefits enable Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School to provide students with a safer school without changing the learning environment.

“We’ve had past success with Makrolon® 15 polycarbonate sheet in our Versatile™ window platform,” said Kurtis Suellentrop, technical sales manager, Winco Window Company. “With high impact strength, abrasion resistance and long-term durability, we knew this grade of polycarbonate sheet would be the perfect replacement material for the vandalized windows at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School.”

In addition to its collaboration with Winco, Covestro also provided consultation and education on the benefits of using polycarbonate to school administrators, teachers and students at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic School.

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