Bus canopies made with Covestro LLC plastic protect passengers f

Bus shelters with style

Bus canopies made with Covestro LLC plastic protect passengers from Mother Nature

Bus shelters with style
The SKYSHADE 3300™ canopy system from EXTECH installed at the East Liberty bus station in Pittsburgh features Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet in white from Covestro LLC. (Photograph courtesy of EXTECH.)

Pittsburgh, April 27, 2017- If you’ve ever waited for public transportation in the hot sun, pouring rain or falling snow, you know how important a shelter can be for providing much-needed protection from Mother Nature. While function is of utmost importance, aesthetics and visual appeal also play a role, as the shelter should fit in with the look and feel of the neighborhood. A bus station located in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood demonstrates just how well form and function can come together. The shelter is equipped with new overhead canopies from EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc., made of polycarbonate sheet glazing material from Covestro LLC.

EXTECH sought a lightweight, light transmitting and high-strength glazing material for SKYSHADE 3300™, a surface mounted, single-glazed translucent polycarbonate industrial canopy system that covers 5,000 square feet. The material that met these requirements was Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet in white from Covestro.

“Covestro helped us choose the right polycarbonate glazing material based on the project requirements provided by the transit authority,” said Jim Leslie, General Manager, EXTECH. “The specified material checks all the boxes for the East Liberty bus station: maximum daylighting, glare reduction, high-impact strength and ease of fabrication and maintenance.”

Other key benefits of Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet include:

  • Higher impact resistance when compared to glazing products such as glass and acrylic – an important advantage for this application given that many municipal codes require impact resistant glazing in bus shelters and canopies.
  • Advanced UV resistance technology that assures long lasting outdoor weathering performance – another important quality given Pittsburgh’s cold winters and hot summers.
  • Easy to install and fabricate. The extruded material was cut to the exact size needed by EXTECH and installed into the aluminum SKYSHADE frames.
  • Availability in clear as well as a variety of colors, making it the ideal choice for architectural applications where extended service life and resistance to color shift are required.

“We’ve worked with EXTECH on numerous projects over the years and appreciate the opportunity once again collaborate on a high-performance outdoor structure,” said Thomas Niziolek, architectural segment manager – Polycarbonate Sheet, Covestro LLC.

AIA Conference on Architecture 2017, April 27-29, in Philadelphia, can visit Covestro’s booth (#3751) for more details about Covestro polycarbonate sheets.

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