Covestro polycarbonates keep the lights on in industrial environ

Polycarbonate for protection and heat management

Covestro polycarbonates keep the lights on in industrial environments

luminaire housing in use Makrolon® polycarbonate from Covestro
Shat-R-Shield, Inc. selected thermally conductive Makrolon® polycarbonate from Covestro LLC for use in the main
luminaire housing of the Incoplas™ LED Hybrid. (Photo credit: Shat-R-Shield, Inc.)

Pittsburgh, May 9, 2017 – For applications in harsh environments, light emitting diode (LED) luminaires require durable materials that offer optimal performance. With this need in mind, Shat-R-Shield, Inc. developed the Incoplas™ LED Hybrid for its line of lightweight, corrosion resistant LED fixtures. Shat-R-Shield turned to Covestro LLC to find a heat-conducting material that would meet its stringent requirements.

Designed to outfit an entire industrial facility, the Incoplas™ LED Hybrid is composed of thermally conductive engineered polymers and functions as an area, flood or wall pack light. Thermally conductive Makrolon® polycarbonate from Covestro was selected for use in the main luminaire housing, acting as a heat sink to support thermal management requirements. This lightweight polycarbonate material is a superior choice when compared to aluminum, which is subject to corrosion in tough, industrial environments.

“When designing the Incoplas™ LED Hybrid, it was important to find a material that would help maintain performance requirements in adverse circumstances,” said Don Cattoni, product development manager, Shat-R-Shield. “Makrolon® polycarbonate allows the luminaire housing to withstand prolonged exposure to moisture, dust and chemicals common in industrial environments.”

Furthermore, Makrolon® polycarbonate enabled the dust tight, watertight luminaire to meet a target lumen output of 10,000 lumens and achieve IP69K, IP66, NEMA 4x and NEMA 5 ratings.

“Not only does Makrolon® polycarbonate meet challenging thermal and environmental requirements, it also allows for a versatile, lightweight luminaire design,” said Kris Lillibridge, market development manager, Polycarbonates, Covestro LLC. “With this design freedom, the Incoplas™ LED Hybrid can be easily installed with a variety of mounting options to accommodate various end-use needs.”

The Incoplas™ LED Hybrid also utilizes a Makroblend® resin from Covestro. Benefits of this flame-retardant material include superior impact strength, dimensional stability and chemical resistance. Additionally, Makrolon® polycarbonate diffusion sheet is found in the luminaire’s lens. With higher flammability resistance and wider service temperature, this Covestro material offers an additional advantage over acrylic diffusers.

“Our broad portfolio of polycarbonate products offers endless benefits for a variety of lighting applications,” said Kevin Dunay, industry manager, Polycarbonates, Covestro LLC. “From innovative materials to personalized technical support, we provide LED manufacturers with solutions that enable them to create outstanding, long-lasting products.”

Attendees at LIGHTFAIR International, May 9-11, in Philadelphia, are invited to visit Covestro’s booth (#4330) to learn more about the materials and technologies Covestro offers for LED lighting applications.

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