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Pedal bike illuminates the way with Covestro polycarbonate

Pedal bike selected Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate from Covestro
Phantom Frames selected Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate from Covestro LLC for the Pedal Bike’s frame, chain guard and seat post. (Photo Credit: Phantom Frames)

Leverkusen, March 27, 2018 - A child’s imagination is powerful – so powerful, in fact, that it led to the creation of a one-of-a-kind LED bike. In 2015, Phantom Frames founder and President Forrest Smith brought his son’s idea for a light-up bike to life with the Balance Bike – the first bike with an internally illuminated polycarbonate frame. When developing this model, Phantom Frames found that Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate from Covestro LLC met its specifications, providing the bike frame with the required strength and durability.

Now, Phantom Frames is utilizing this robust polycarbonate material as it expands its unique product line with the Pedal Bike. Available in two sizes – 12” and 16” – the Pedal Bike features flashing LED lights in red, white, blue, green or multicolor. Phantom Frames also incorporated silver glitter flakes into the polycarbonate frame for added shine.

“Covestro has been a reliable supplier of quality, consistent materials,” said Smith. “Given the success we had with Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate in the Balance Bike, we knew its winning combination of properties would deliver for the Pedal Bike.”

Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate is used in the Pedal Bike’s frame, chain guard and seat post. This lightweight, UV-stabilized material provides glass-like transparency and impact resistance.

“Makrolon® 2807 polycarbonate offers endurance and strength needed for the rider,” said Richard Aldrich, business development manager, Covestro LLC. “We further helped Phantom Frames by performing multiple mold flow and structural analyses to ensure optimal production.” The Pedal Bike is a part of Phantom Frames’ comprehensive product line of illuminated bikes for children up to eight years old, including the Tricycle and 12” Balance Bike. The company has worked hand-in-hand with Covestro on all of these offerings.

“Phantom Frames is leading the way with bikes that are not only unique, but also, because of the illuminated frames, provide a safer experience for children,” said Lauren Zetts, North America market manager, Medical and Consumer Products – Polycarbonates, Covestro LLC. “We’re proud to provide continued support to help Phantom Frames bring these bikes to market – and to the homes of children around the world.”

The Phantom Frames Pedal Bike will be available on before the summer riding season.

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