Spotlight on Covestro material solutions and technical services

Illuminating ideas at LIGHTFAIR International

Spotlight on Covestro material solutions and technical services for LED lighting

Pittsburgh, May 1, 2018 - Lower energy costs, longer service life, environmentally sound and excellent performance – these are just a few of the key benefits LEDs offer over traditional lighting. Designers and manufacturers in the lighting industry continue to turn to LEDs for a variety of applications, and also rely on polycarbonate resin and sheet materials from Covestro LLC.

At booth #3781 during LIGHTFAIR International 2018, May 8-10 in Chicago, Covestro will highlight its broad portfolio of materials and technical services that satisfy a variety of design and performance requirements for LED lighting.

High-quality polycarbonate resins
Injection-molded or profile-extruded LED lighting components such as lenses, optics, diffusers, reflective surfaces, heat sinks and housings can all benefit from Covestro polycarbonate resins and blends. These materials provide heat resistance, dimensional stability, impact resistance and flame retardancy.

  • Light transmission: Covestro produces several Makrolon® LED polycarbonate grades for lenses and secondary optics, including Makrolon® LED2643 polycarbonate. When compared to standard grades, these ultraviolet (UV)-stabilized materials provide improved retention of optical properties after heat, UV and LED exposure. A new grade featuring the highest light transmission, Makrolon® LED5102 polycarbonate, provides the best efficacy (lumen per watt) in lamp and luminaire optics.
  • Thermal management: For heat dissipation in LED lighting and other markets, Covestro offers a line of thermally conductive (TC) polycarbonate grades. These materials provide design freedom, are lighter than metals and can lower costs when consolidating components for metal heat sink replacement. Makrolon® TC8010 polycarbonate is used in heat sinks and has a thermal conductivity of 8 W/m•K (ASTM method). Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate features increased thermal conductivity of 14 W/m•K. Both grades have a UL 94 flame class of V-0 at 2.0 mm with a UL746C f1 listing.
  • Covestro is extending its Makrolon® TC polycarbonate portfolio with several new grades that include Makrolon® TC511 polycarbonate and Makrolon® TC611 polycarbonate. Both have similar thermal conductivity values when compared to existing grades (Makrolon® TC8010 and Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate), with improved flow for easier processing to fill thin wall parts. Additionally, Makrolon® TC110 polycarbonate is electrically insulating and can be processed by injection molding or extrusion.
  • Covestro will also highlight several applications utilizing its materials for LED lighting, including the CircLED™ from SLP Lighting. This high bay fixture features a luminaire with a heat sink that is injection molded using lightweight Makrolon® TC8030 polycarbonate. This material provides strong heat-transferring capability, enabling the design to maintain an acceptable steady state temperature.

Polycarbonate sheets for design freedom and efficienc
Covestro will also showcase its portfolio of polycarbonate sheet products, which can be used in luminaires and outdoor lighting applications. These materials provide energy efficiency without sacrificing design freedom.

  • Makrolon® Lumen XT-V polycarbonate sheet is a new material that utilizes a textured surface along with advanced diffusion technology to eliminate hot spots and provides design flexibility where enhanced flame rating is required. Available in three diffusion levels, this polycarbonate sheet carries a 5VA rating at 0.118” thickness.
  • Makrolon® Lumen XT polycarbonate sheet features a variety of diffusion levels and both warm (LW) or cool (LC) hues, providing designers with flexibility to maximize aesthetics and performance of light fixtures. It also utilizes a textured surface along with advanced diffusion technology to eliminate hot spots.
  • Makrolon® DX-NR polycarbonate sheet is designed for use as a lighting lens in outdoor applications and offers advanced UV-resistance technology for long-lasting weather resistance.

Attendees of LIGHTFAIR International can visit the Covestro booth (#3781) to learn more about the company’s material solutions and technical services, and see many lighting products utilizing Covestro materials.

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