The football world as the guest in Europe's third largest stadiu

Stand roofing of Moscow's Luzhniki Arena uses polycarbonate multiwall sheets

The football world as the guest in Europe's third largest stadium

Stadium Roofing use robust and lightweight Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets from Covestro
The stand roofing of Moskow´s renovated Luzhniki Stadium consists of transparent, robust and lightweight Makrolon® polycarbonate sheets from Covestro. They can be easily processed and protect spectators attending the World Soccer Championship against wind and weather.

Leverkusen, June 29, 2018 - After four years of renovation, the venerable Olympic Stadium Luzhniki comes back to life for the 2018 World Cup in Moscow. It has 81,000 seats, 2,000 VIP seats and 2,500 media seats. It was the setting for the opening match and some preliminary games, further matches for the round of 16, the semi-finals and the final match will also take place here.

During the reconstruction phase, the arena received new grandstand roofing with multiwall sheets made of Makrolon® polycarbonate from Covestro. The idea was no coincidence: even the old roofing was made of this high-tech plastic. Even after years of use, the panels showed only barely visible scratches and slight loss of color. When the stadium was renovated for the World Cup from 2015, the positive experience led to the decision to use Covestro's high-tech product once again.

Large-area roofing
Around 36,000 square meters are covered with 25 millimeters thick, white-colored multiwall sheets. Some 30 trucks were needed to safely transport the panels with a width of 1.20 meters and a length of 9.80 meters to Moscow. 

The X-structure of the Makrolon® multi-skin sheet ensures high stability in all kinds of weather and withstands even high snow loads of up to one ton per square meter. Thanks to new additives and a special UV coating, the polycarbonate sheets are guaranteed to be protected from weathering for 25 years. Another advantage are the very good fire classification. 

A lightweight that saves costs
Cost savings of 40 to 45 percent are another advantage in comparison to a glass roof construction. Polycarbonate sheets have a lower weight, making it easier to transport and process with much less effort. The substructures, mostly made of metal or aluminum, can also be designed in a more sophisticated way.

Solid and multiwall sheets made of polycarbonate have already proven their worth in stadium construction and many other large-scale projects. In Germany, numerous new or renovated sports facilities bear impressive testimony to the abundant possibilities of Makrolon® sheets. Many other countries around the world, such as China, Poland, Brazil, Romania and Austria, also have examples of their application diversity.

Great history
The Luzhniki Stadium was opened in 1956. It was the venue for numerous Russian and international sports competitions, including the 1980 Olympic Games, as well as a stage for concerts by internationally renowned artists.

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