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Ultra tough, colorful and rigid

Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend) product description

What is the outcome of combining superior properties of polycarbonate and polyester? Makroblend® family of ultra-tough materials. From ski equipment and automotive spoilers to lawn/garden equipment and housings for medical, electrical and electronic devices, equipment designers and manufacturers turn to Makroblend® resins to tackle their toughest applications.

Makroblend® (PC+PET; PC+PBT blend)
Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend)

Makroblend® resins offer an excellent property profile, including high toughness (even at low temperatures); good chemical resistance to many lubricants, solvents and cleaning agents; reduced susceptibility to stress cracking; great paintability and low moisture uptake. Also notable is Makroblend® resin’s rigidity, featuring high tensile modulus of 1,900 to 3,900 MPa, depending on the grade.

With its combination of properties, Makroblend® resin is a proven material for a variety of applications in the lawn and garden, sporting goods, electrical, electronic and automotive industries.

Some mineral-filled Makroblend® grades have been developed to offer a very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) with an excellent surface, which is required for automotive exterior parts like spoilers.

Eco-Compliant, flame-retardant grades (non-halogenated flame retardant) are also available. Eco-Compliant refers to resins used in devices having Blue Angel certification, being in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) directives, as mandatated by the European Union.

Details of all Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend) grades including grade descriptions, product datasheets, MSDS and property curves, will be provided here: 


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Makroblend® Product List
Makroblend® Product List
Makroblend® Product List
Details of all Makroblend® (PC+PBT; PC+PET blend) grades including grade descriptions, product datasheets, MSDS and property curves, will be provided here: more »
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